China Aerospace Science and Technology Development

Event nameSpace Dream

GradeWhole school

Activity goals

1. Let children understand our country’s advanced aerospace technology.

2.Inspire children’s sense of national pride and continuously implement their patriotic awareness.

3. To enhance children’s creativity and exploration spirit through scientific experiments.

Visit the traditional Chinese Lingnan style park

Event Name: Lingnan style

Grade: K1

Activity goals:

1. Allow children to have a preliminary understanding of the characteristics of Chinese buildings.

2. Feel the quaint atmosphere and leisurely fun of Chinese traditional Lingnan courtyards.

Intangible Cultural HeritageChinese puppet show

Activity name: Puppet show

Grade: Whole school

Activity goals:

1. Understand the relationship between light and shadow and the characteristics of shadow.

2. Improve children’s self-confidence.


Intangible Cultural HeritageCantonese Opera

Activity nameCantonese Opera Knowledge

GradeK2 – K3

Activity goals

1. Understand Chinese traditional art and improve personal quality.

2. Understand Chinese folk tales.


Chinese traditional festival Lunar New Year

Activity Name Chinese New Year Cleaning

GradeWhole school

Activity goals

1.Know about Chinese traditional festivals and activities.

2.Feel the atmosphere of the New Year.

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