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Parents-Teacher Association

Game, Learning and Growth” Project 2021-2022 This year, the kindergarten participated in the “Play Learning and Growth” project. The goal of this project is mainly to adopt a child-oriented approach. From the perspective of children, understand their abilities, needs, learning methods, and existing experience and interests as the blueprint for arranging courses. Use thematic teaching and project study methods, such as drawing up plans, collecting teaching materials, organising learning environments and making teaching aids to learn in a rich environment, and encourage interaction and mutual learning between children to enrich children’s learning experience. In-game teaching promotes home-school collaboration and supports the whole-person development of children. Young Farmers World “Children Farming World” activities include letting children learn about planting knowledge. Firstly understand the growth conditions of crops through soil and watering. It allows them to explore freely, find problems, try to make predictions, hypotheses and experiments, and find out by themselves. The answer, construct relevant knowledge. Picture Book Teaching After the children listen to the story in the picture book, they use the drama method to translate the story’s content together. The children in the upper class will also adapt the story and create the story’s ending. When children and teachers perform dramas together, they make props and costumes. They will learn and explore the exciting content in the story, deepen children’s understanding of the story, and improve children’s language skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. Parent-Teacher Association The PTA is an integral part of school life and is committed to working with parents and the school. Our objectives are: • To promote a sense of community among teachers, parents and students • To provide a forum for parents and teachers to exchange views for the benefit of students • To encourage parents to participate in school programmes/activities Joining the PTA will enable you to understand further and build networks among parents through various activities.

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